What our Customers say...


Had some leaky pipes in my wall that where causing damage, response time was very quick and the work was handled really well. 

Had no complaints about the work whatsoever, along with fixing my issue the process was very informative.

Raffi Kitsinian came to assess my terrible flooded basement. He was honest and frank and after taking an in-depth survey, he was honest about what kind of service I needed and didn't need.  I was blown away by how honest he was and totally recommend him. Other "experts" had bigger ideas and it turns out Raffi was right - it's been a year later and absolutely no problems.   I don't know how anyone else works at SERVPRO, but ask for Raffi if you can.


When we discovered a leak in our walls, we had no idea what to do. So we reached out to SERVPRO and met Raffi. He was amazing and patient with us. He helped walk us through everything that we needed to do. He and his colleagues were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They worked fast/clean and made the difficult situation seem like such a simple task. Fingers crossed we never have an issues like this again but if we do, SERVPRO and Raffi will be our first call!


I'm not going to lie, posting reviews isn't my thing but SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood did an amazing job with the water damage I suffered at my property a couple months ago. Talk about being responsive and showing excellent customer service throughout the entire process. Thank you and I'll be sure to use you in the future.  


After coming home from vacation I found my whole kitchen and dining room flooded with water after my sinks pipe burst. It was late on a Saturday night and didn't know what to do. I called my insurance and they had me contact SERVPRO. I was afraid no one would answer at 1 in the morning but a lady named Joann answered. Within a hour her and her crew came out and put equipment to start drying. Joann constantly contacted me with new updates and even though I had to leave my home for a few days I came back to a perfect home once again. I would highly recommend them to family and friends. Very professional and on top of everything!

Raffi Kitsinian came to assess my terrible flooded basement. He was honest and frank and after taking an in-depth survey, he was honest about what kind of service I needed and didn't need.  I was blown away by how honest he was and totally recommend him. Other "experts" had bigger ideas and it turns out Raffi was right - it's been a year later and absolutely no problems.   I don't know how anyone else works at SERVPRO, but ask for Raffi if you can.


When we discovered a leak in our walls, we had no idea what to do. So we reached out to SERVPRO and met Raffi. He was amazing and patient with us. He helped walk us through everything that we needed to do. He and his colleagues were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They worked fast/clean and made the difficult situation seem like such a simple task. Fingers crossed we never have an issues like this again but if we do, SERVPRO and Raffi will be our first call!


Great service and communication during the entire fire clean-up!

I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood to all my friends, family, & colleagues!

I was confident in the knowledge & professionalism of the  SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood franchise who preformed water damage services to my studios

A job well done, Thanks so much for helping us stay dry during these storms!

Thank you, again, SERVPRO for your professionalism during this stressful time for us.

The entire SERVPRO staff was courteous, polite, & helpful throughout the duration of the job.

Great Job SERVPRO! Thank you, from all of us at Payless Shoe Source :)

Great Team! Thank you, SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood.

Hector, Luis, & Joseph, were great! Thanks, from the AT&T Staff!

Working with ERnet SERVPRO branch has made Sunrise Senior Living organization successful in remediation efforts.

The Downtown Women's Center would like to thank SERVPRO...our building could not have been restored as quickly and effectively without your commitment, so thank you for your support. You were very prompt and understanding of our resident's needs.

I had water damage to my home due to the recent back to back storms that have hit southern CA. I called SERVPRO and they were quick to schedule the inspection. In just a couple of days my living room was completely dried out. I was pleased with how fast SERVPRO responded and would definitely recommend my friends and family to use them in the future.

It rained last night and I noticed a huge leak in my ceiling. I called numerous companies and only SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood and one other responded and was able to get to my home the same day!!!! Amazing! Raffi scheduled a technician so quickly, within two hours, and he was so helpful and nice. Raffi called and arrived on time, very professional, kind and helpful. The type of person you want coming into your home. Raffi answered all my questions, eliminated all my worries about this problem and schedule his team for the very next morning. I'm so relieved and pleased with it being so close to the holidays and not getting repaired prior, I thought my situation would only get worse. I'm so happy that I found SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood. They stand by their name.

Due to a recent storm which caused a major leak we called SERVPRO which were highly recommended to us. These guys led by Raffi were quick to respond, highly professional, and very empathetic regarding the leak. Raffi's professionalism shined throughout the process of drying out the leak. His expertise is unsurpassed and he always called prior to arriving and then promptly arrived at the designated time. I would highly recommend Raffi and the SERVPRO crew if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

These guys are great, had to write review for SERVPRO.  I accidentally left a window open for a few days during a raining thunderstorm. Saw water stains and strange smell, and thought, mold in drywall. Rented a dehumidifier and called SERVPRO. Raffi Kitsinian was very personable and professional. He tested the walls, carpet, and surrounding areas and found moisture. Didn't even charge me for coming out! Reliable companies are few and far between. SERVPRO and Raffi is one of them. I would recommend them to friends, family, and neighbors should they need services like this. I would definitely call them back.

I own a laundry mat & had a faulty washing machine that was located in the center of my laundry mat. The machine leaked so much water it damaged the surrounding areas, and two bathrooms. I called SERVPRO and they responded and started the clean-up process within an hour.  I was so impressed.  Raffi, the project manager kept me informed throughout the entire process and was very professional. I definitely recommend this company hands down!!!

I am the administrator for a large office building in the Los Angeles area. We had a new water heater installed upstairs that was done incorrectly. We found out the hard way when water began to run down the walls in the downstairs of the building. Terrifying! We called SERVPRO to come out. They were there the same day we called them, within a few hours! Our Project Manager was, Raffi Kitsinian. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He made sure that I understood all that was going to need to happen. We needed to do minor demo work on the downstairs. The upstairs was potentially worse because of all the pipes that run along the outside of the wall in the room where the water heater is located, both electrical and water. This was such a stressful situation and Raffi made it as pleasant an experience as possible. THANK YOU!!! You are wonderful at your job, and as much as I hope we never need your services again you will be who I call/recommend!

We recently had a major leak in our office that SERVPRO was called in on.  Service was GREAT!  They brought in appropriate equipment and spent the time to get our offices dry again.  They took care of carpet discoloration, wet wall board and all other issues connected with the damage.  Although we hope to never need their service again, we would call them in a heartbeat.

Our second floor master bathroom shower stall leaked into a downstairs bedroom. My plumber recommended that I call SERVPRO to deal with the damage and mold that had developed. I contacted them and was pleased with the promptness with which they responded to my call. I dealt with Raffi who from the beginning was very reassuring and inspired confidence in me that they would do a good job. He was very courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He and his crew came and cleaned out all the mold. They were punctual, worked efficiently and left the room in pristine condition. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

I would highly recommend SERVPRO. We had a small house fire in our garage which damaged the second floor with smoke. It was an insurance claim and SERVPRO worked with me and my claims adjuster to restore the contents of the room and to repair the walls of our garage. The crews texted me when they arrived and when they would leave when I could not always be home to meet them. They were professional, courteous and reliable. Within a month of the fire, we had a broken pipe in our upstairs bathroom, so I had the same crews back in my home to do the work. I can honestly say I was in good hands with SERVPRO.

My kitchen had a small fire, which resulted in restoration and construction work needing to be done at my house. I initially came into contact with SERVPRO about having my front door boarded up, due to the firefighters needing to break down my front door to put out the fire. Within a very short amount of time, a representative from SERVPRO was at my house with workers to board up and secure my house. Raffi was the project manager, and he was extremely helpful, professional, and courteous throughout the entire process of restoring my house back to normal.  He answered all of my questions in a timely manner and helped make an incredibly difficult process go much smoother.

We had a house fire the week before Christmas. We asked our insurance adjuster for a list of their top 5 restoration companies. We went with SERVPRO and they sent a team led by Raffi to pack out our entire house. They were very patient & sensitive while we made decisions on whether to try restoring items or letting them go. SERVPRO kept the adjuster updated on item missed initially & the current industry costs associated with our particular job. Nothing was overlooked & no corners were cut. We are very happy with the restoration & cleaning of all our soft items, hard furniture & family heirlooms. They really did a beautiful job & were very honest about the items that didn't clean up so well despite their best efforts. I highly recommend SERVPRO if you find yourself in our shoes.

I'm writing to express my extreme gratitude for the work done at my Los Angeles home in the Hollywood area by Raffi Kitsinian and his team SERVPRO. From the moment I spoke with Raffi back in May I knew that we were in good hands. At the time my family and I had just returned home from a trip and it was completely soaked. As you can imagine, it was shocking and demoralizing to see all the damage done to the walls, floors, and furniture. When I called SERVPRO, in a controlled panic, Raffi responded with a calming tone and reassured me that he and his team would be able to help. He was right. Like a force of nature the team packed up our entire house, labeled boxes and cleared the way for the second wave of professionals to rip out the damaged hardwood floors, carpets, and wet walls. Throughout the entire process Raffi made sure to keep me updated with the progress of the work being done and completed the clean-up on time as promised. And now that we are set to begin the rebuild phase we once again are looking to Raffi and SERVPRO to help guide us through that process. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Raffi and his team. I will tell everyone who is in need of SERVPRO's services to call him.

SERVPRO is really the place to call if you get water damage and need to get quality remediation. A water pipe broke when we were gone and we got water in our crawlspace. After realizing it was not going to dry by itself and getting concerned about potential excessive humidity over time, we called SERVPRO to get an assessment of what needed to be done. Compared to other companies out there, I found SERVPRO to be a lot more rigorous and process oriented than most. They know how to get things done and they follow proven methods instead of experimenting around. I would highly recommend calling them if you are looking for that type of professional service.

When your life gets turned upside down due to a mold problem, call this company. SERVPRO and their team are superb. Last month, we had the unfortunate experience of discovering a mold problem in our guest bathroom. After doing some research and getting a couple of estimates for mold remediation, we decided to go with SERVPRO. Their team was very personable, professional and most importantly: thorough. If you have the unfortunate experience of needing mold remediation, I would highly recommend this company. 

Our washer leaked and damaged the floor in the laundry room and the bedroom carpet next to it. Called SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood, and Raffi came a few hours later to give his recommendations. The very same afternoon he sent over his crew with their machines to start drying the damaged areas. After 48 hours they came back to rip off the floor that was damaged. His crew does outstanding work, very friendly and knowledgeable people. Raffi is very pleasant to deal with and makes things really easy to handle as he makes things happen fast.

SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood are truly deserving of 5 stars. I would give them more if it was possible. I recommend them highly! I faced a horrible situation where a pipe burst in a wall and flooded a storage area and mold developed. Of course, it was discovered at 5pm. We called SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood and within an hour a crew was on site remedying the situation. The SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood crew was extremely professional and helped me tremendously through a horrible experience. Look no further....just call SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood!

I called SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood and their team showed up within a couple of hours of my initial call. They were able to immediately start on our house, and were very polite and professional from the start. They did an excellent job in resolving the issues, and worked within the budget set from my homeowners insurance. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of expedient and professional remediation!

I very rarely write letters reporting a good or bad job service done by a company but I had an experience with two SERVPRO guys that saved my house for me.  I had renters in my house for 3 years who called complaining of a mold smell.  I immediately called three different mold specialist to come to the house one being SERVPRO.  They all said it was so bad they couldn’t even give me an estimate but Raffi Kitsinian was the only one who told me that even though my insurance company turned me down, I had a claim.  I have been paying my homeowners insurance for 16 years never calling in a claim and of course when I need them I’m turned down.  It seems there was a hot water pipe leaking under my house for about two years!  Raffi took the time to educate me with my situation and my insurance and said that he hoped down the road when the insurance did pay for the remediation I’d call him, and I did. Needless to say that when I met Raffi at my house I had tears running down my face and he told me it was going to be alright. He turned what could’ve been a nightmare situation of me having to sell my house into a wonderful situation of change. My renters decided to go back to their home state and I am back living in my house and loving it thanks to Raffi Kitsinian. You are so very lucky to have this guy as a part of your team, they are the BEST!

I was in a complete state of panic since my house flooded from the second floor all the way down to the basement. The SERVPRO team immediately rushed in and worked nonstop to give me my home back. Very profesisional and amazing service, thank you!

Had a great experience with SERVPRO. They saved me a lot of time, money, and worry. My home was back in shape in no time, and I would definitely highly recommend them.

My garage caught on fire due to damaged electrical wiring, and although the fire was contained there, the smell of my whole house was utterly horrible. The SERVPRO team not only dealt perfectly with my garage, but also eliminated the horrible odor from my whole house. Fast but detailed work!

SERVPRO saved my life when I found a very bad case of mold in my attic after not being up there for years. I was scared for my family's health and needed to make sure it was eliminated completely, and that is exactly what the SERVPRO team did for me. Great work!

SERVPRO had devised an Emergency Ready Plan for my complex incase anything might happen. Let me tell you this, when the catastrophe of a flood actually occurred, this plan saved my life! It made it that much easier to take the preliminary steps on my own by the time the SERVPRO team came in and took over.

All I can do is thank SERVPRO for saving my Christmas! My bedroom caught on fire a few days before Christmas, and my whole house seemed like it was unlivable. This is when the SERVPRO team came in and restored my room, and eliminated the odor and residue in the rest of the house too, just in time for my annual Christmas party!

I didn't even realize how serious the mold case that I had in my house is, until I suspected something fishy and sent after SERVPRO. They took the time and effort to actually make sure that no traces of mold were left behind, and that gives me some ease of mind to have my children in the house again. SERVPRO workers are very professional and you can expect the best treatment and results from them.

All I can say is that from the time I called SERVPRO to come in and help with my flooded home to the time they stepped outside my door, all I can think of is how amazingly professional they are, and how up to par their work is. Seriously, good job!